With so many media options available to you, why should you choose direct mail? One beauty of direct mail is that it can be targeted to a very specific audience. Additionally, when used with highly targeted mailing lists, direct mail can be a very cost effective media option.

Consider the following:

* Over 50% of all mail is immediately read every day.
* An additional 20% is looked at.
* 5% is set aside for later review.
* Less than 16% is discarded without being read or looked at.

Best performance for pieces immediately read:

Postcards 76.1%
Letter-size envelopes 74.3%
Larger-than-letter-size 71.8%
Flyers 67.7%
Catalogs 67.1%

Once we have a clear understanding of your marketing objective, we can provide you with turn-key direct mail solutions from concept through mailing.


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