Next to your business card, your company's brochures may be your most visible marketing materials.  In many cases, a new customers first impression will be determined by the content and design of your brochure.  Brochures are also one of the more expensive promotional pieces and mistakes in their design and content can be very costly in design, printing expense and lost business.

Things to consider when creating a brochure:

• Who is the target audience and what is their mind set?
• What impression are you trying to create?
• What are the printing costs for a particular design?
• How are you going to use and distribute the brochure?
• Is it multi-functional?
• Is it consistent with other promotional materials you are using?
• Do the writing and design elements appeal to a broad audience?
• Is it informative, educational, and easy to read?
• Does it make the reader want to know more about your company?


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