www.FortLauderdaleCityLimits.com is a community based online Public Relations initiative designed to introduce successful Fort Lauderdale business and community leaders to Fort Lauderdale’s upscale consumers.

• You will be featured in an informative, interesting, and entertaining feature article written, photographed and designed by The Colyer Group’s professional staff; not an advertisement.

www.FortLauderdaleCityLimits.com creates trust, interest, and curiosity in a way traditional advertising could never do. By putting a face to your business you become a neighbor, and people like doing business with people they know.

www.FortLauderdaleCityLimits.com is promoted through the Fort Lauderdale City Limits SOURCEBOOK, online pay-per-click campaigns, television, and print to ensure a volume of ongoing targeted web site traffic .

• Unlike traditional one-shot advertising, your feature article will be viewable online 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 365 days.

• You will receive a quarterly report on the performance of your feature article. Unlike traditional advertising, you will know exactly how many people read your article.

• One of the great benefits to qualifying for participation on www.FortLauderdaleCityLimits.com is the credibility you derive from being included with other successful business and community leaders.

www.FortLauderdaleCityLimits.com is a produced by The Colyer Advertising & Marketing Group who enjoys a 15-year history of advertising and marketing success in the South Florida market.

www.FortLauderdaleCityLimits.com is not just about writing a check. Each participant is hand selected following a personal interview.

www.FortLauderdaleCityLimits.com is the only targeted online Public Relations tool of its kind and contains no traditional advertising.

Your participation includes:
1. Interview with writer
2. Writing of the feature article
3. Photography
4. Creative
5. One year www.FortLauderdaleCityLimits.com membership
6. Quarterly Visitor Reports
7. A framed copy of your article for display at your business


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