Fort Lauderdale City Limits is a 30-minute television show filmed on location at Fort Lauderdale’s finest shopping, dining, entertainment, and professional services. Unlike the typical 30-second television commercial, Fort Lauderdale City Limits showcases each business in a commercial-free, 2-minute segment.

Each Fort Lauderdale City Limits episode airs on local cable television twice a week for 6 weeks. To ensure viewer turn out hundreds of Fort Lauderdale City Limits commercials run on multiple networks promoting the show and the featured businesses. Local hotels will be given the opportunity to air special editions of Fort Lauderdale City Limits on their in-house programming providing Fort Lauderdale businesses with a direct link to tourists and travelers.

Fort Lauderdale City Limits provides business owners with an informative and entertaining venue for showcasing their businesses and introducing themselves to the community. Presenting businesses in this unique, personal way allows the community to see each business up-close, learn what it has to offer, and meet the people they will be doing business with.

Fort Lauderdale City Limits will quickly become a valued resource for consumers to discover shopping, dining, entertainment, and professional services in their community.

The Colyer Group is offering select businesses meeting our criteria the opportunity to be featured in Fort Lauderdale City Limits. To ensure the quality and integrity of the show, all aspects of production will be provided by The Colyer Group’s professional staff.

For less than it would cost to produce and air a 30 second TV commercial, your business is featured in Fort Lauderdale City Limits and in hundreds of commercials promoting the show. The Fort Lauderdale City Limits television show is truly a cost-effective, entertaining, and prestigious way to reach Fort Lauderdale consumers.


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